Alternative To French Bread

Alternative To French Bread

Ah, French bread. There are few things quite so delightful as a steaming, crusty loaf of the stuff. Whether used for a sandwich, toast, or even just on its own with butter, it’s a classic in many people’s diets.

But sometimes you’re looking for an alternative to your standard French bread. That’s absolutely fine — there are plenty of delicious alternatives out there that offer their own unique benefits.

Let’s take a look at what makes these options so good and some popular alternatives to French bread!

What is French Bread?

For those unfamiliar, French bread is defined by its long shape, light color, and crispy exterior with a chewy interior. It usually contains salt, water, flour, and yeast as the primary ingredients.

The texture is excellent for creating sandwiches or can hold up to being dipped in sauces like soup or fondue. It has a somewhat neutral flavor which pairs well with any combination of sweet or savory ingredients.

Benefits of Alternatives to French Bread

When it comes to finding an alternative to French bread there are plenty of great options out there that can still provide the same texture and convenience but with some added benefits as well. Here are some reasons why you should consider switching up your usual french-bread routine:

Health Benefits

One major benefit of alternative breads is that they often have healthier ingredients than standard french-bread recipes that include white flour and yeast as the key ingredients — not always the most nutritious of choices.

Alternative bread varieties can offer higher fiber content courtesy of their whole wheat ingredients or can contain healthy fats such as olive oil instead of butter or margarine used in traditional french-bread recipes.

Additionally, many alternative flours offer essential vitamins and minerals not typically found in traditional french-bread recipes — bonus!

Convenience of Preparation

Preparation time is another factor when it comes to cooking meals quickly without sacrificing quality or taste. With many alternative breads all you need to do is mix together the necessary ingredients into one bowl (or no bowl at all in some cases) and then bake away!

This means that you don’t have to worry about kneading dough or waiting hours for it to rise either — meaning dinner time has never been easier!

Variety of Options

Finally, if you’re looking for something different from traditional french-bread recipes then opting for an alternative will give you plenty more choices to choose from including sourdough, tortilla wraps, naan bread and more!

And depending on which option you choose each one will bring its own unique characteristics and health benefits too so you won’t be compromising on taste or nutrition either.

Popular Alternatives To French Bread

Below we have listed some popular alternatives to French Bread that deserve consideration when looking for an enjoyable change from your standard cuisine:

Sourdough Bread

One popular alternative is sourdough bread which has been around since ancient Egypt thanks to its ability to stay fresh longer with zero preservatives required! This type of bread uses natural fermentation using wild yeasts which gives it its characteristic tangy flavor as well as additional nutritional benefits.

Compared to regular french-bread recipes Sourdough has B vitamins including thiamine and riboflavin plus antioxidants and probiotics which aid digestion — perfect for those who want something tasty but also nutritious!

Tortilla Wraps

Tortilla wraps are another great choice when looking for an alternative option due to their versatility when it comes to adding different fillings while still offering a slight crunch thanks to their flat shape compared with regular french-bread loaves.

They come in both flour or corn varieties depending on preference – both offering similar nutritional benefit profile with somewhat fewer carbs than regular white flour loaves making them perfect if carbs are a concern!

Plus they’re really easy to prepare too meaning dinner times will be much sooner than expected – perfect if time isn’t on your side!

Naan Bread

Finally, we have naan bread which originated from India thousands of years ago with its fluffy texture making it great whether eaten plain or as part of a meal thanks again due to its slightly crisp exterior but soft interior. It is perfect if you’re looking for something different from traditional toast but still have a craving for something crunchy every now and again!

Plus it’s full of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein and other vitamins so not only does it taste delicious but packs quite the nutritious punch too — bonus!


When it comes time for dinner don’t feel like you’re limited to just plain ol’ French bread – there are lots of tasty alternatives out there that offer their own unique nutrition profile plus lots more convenience when preparing meals quickly after work too!

From sourdough breads packed full of vitamins and probiotics to tortilla wraps if carbs are an issue, right up until naan bread that is full of complex carbs plus protein – whatever choice you make trust us – they won’t disappoint either nutritionally or flavor wise!!

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