What Is The Most Popular French Bread?

What Is The Most Popular French bread?

We all know that the French love their food, and when it comes to bread, it’s no exception. But did you know there are actually several different types of French bread, each with its own unique flavor, texture and uses?

But which one of all of the French bread options is the most popular?

The most popular French bread is likely the baguette. This long, thin loaf of bread is characterized by its crispy crust and soft, airy interior.

The popularity of the baguette can be attributed to its versatility – it can be eaten on its own or used as a base for sandwiches and other dishes. It is also a staple in French culture and can be found in nearly every bakery and grocery store in France.

The traditional method of making baguettes – using only flour, water, yeast, and salt – also adds to its appeal as a simple, authentic bread.

From baguettes to brioche, let’s take a look at some of the other most popularly enjoyed French breads and their unique characteristics.

Pain de Campagne

Pain de Campagne is a classic French rustic bread, made with a combination of white and whole wheat flour, and is typically shaped into a round or oval boule.

It has a deep, dark crust and crumbly, dense interior that is slightly sweet from the malt and sugar. Pain de Campagne is great for making hearty sandwiches, or can be served with soups and stews.


The ultimate French classic, the baguette, is probably the most recognizable type of French bread. A long, thin crusty loaf, the baguette is made with white flour, water, salt and yeast and is usually around 25 cm long.

Its airy interior and crunchy, caramelized exterior make it perfect for crostinis, bruschetta and canapés.


Roughly translated as “string,” ficelle is aptly named for its long and slender shape. It is made with white flour, salt and yeast and is often compared to a baguette in terms of size and shape, but with a slightly softer crust and tender interior.

Ficelle is perfect for making tartines with butter or jam, or as an accompaniment to a salad or soup.


Brioche is a very rich and buttery French bread, made with an egg-based dough and finished off with a generous amount of butter or even double cream.

It’s light, fluffy texture and slightly sweet taste make it a favorite for sweet breakfast dishes like French toast and pain perdu, as well as savory dishes like croque-monsieur and tartines.

Pain au Levain

Pain au Levain is a type of sourdough bread, made with a sourdough starter, flour, salt, and water. With its distinctively sour flavor and chewy texture, Pain au Levain is often served with a variety of charcuterie, cheese and other savory toppings.

It is also great toasted and drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs.

Comparison of Popularity

When it comes to French breads, the baguette is by far the most popular choice. This is due to its iconic shape, versatility, and the fact that it has become a part of everyday life in France.

Pain de Campagne, Ficelle, Brioche and Pain au Levain are also popular choices for French bread lovers, and each has its own unique flavor and texture.

Availability of French Breads in Different Countries

French breads can be found all over the world, but their availability depends on the particular country. For example, in France, the most popular French breads like the baguette, ficelle and brioche can be found in most supermarkets and bakeries.

In the United States, however, French breads are usually only available in specialty food stores and bakeries.

Baking Tips for French Breads

When it comes to baking French breads like the baguette and brioche, it is important to use the right ingredients and baking techniques. To ensure the best results, use unbleached white flour and high quality yeast, and allow plenty of time for the dough to rise.

The key to a perfect baguette is to allow the dough to rest for at least an hour before shaping and baking, and for brioche, make sure to incorporate enough butter and eggs to achieve the desired texture and flavor.


French breads are incredibly varied, and each type has its own unique characteristics. From the classic baguette to the rich brioche, there is a French bread for everyone.

Whether you prefer a crunchy exterior or a chewy interior, these beloved French breads are sure to satisfy. Bon appétit!

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